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Card Clothing | Ashton India

Card clothing is an accessory which is mounted on various rollers of the textile carding machines. The function of card clothing is to convert loose stock of unopened fibres into the form of web or sliver by straightening fibres and make them parallel up to certain extent. During this process cleaning and intermixing of fibres also takes place.

Flexible Card Clothing is a thick continues length of multiple ply cloth & rubber with closely set wires having sharp points protuding out of surface. Each wire is bent into a U-shape and is formed with a knee that flexes under bending load and return its original position when the load is removed.

Selection of card clothing type depends the raw material to be processed & the end product. This is manufactured to very precise set of specifications for desired results & durability. Applications of FCC is usually confined to long staple fibres.

Metallic card clothing is a continuous saw tooth like wire made in a wide range of specifications. This is mounted around various rollers of the carding / opening machines. Its function is same like flexible card clothing but mostly confined to short staple fibres and high speed carding / opening machines. MCC is manufactured in a vide range of precise specifications for achieving the desirable quality results of the end product.

Ashton International has waste experience in marketing and manufacturing of all type of card clothing accessories and we manufactures worlds class card clothing.